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WDFL Goes to BALI!!!

Bali has lots of nice beaches to go to. Some are full of wild-ness n babes for those of you who are just looking for a good time and some are really mellow with not as many people, perfect for chillaxin time. Kick ass place for some fun in the sun and a great place if your into catching some waves.

Plenty of places to find all kinds of cool things from vases, jewelry, fashion, to all sorts of little knick-knacks... 

Bali is also full of wonderful artistic people. The whole island is full of colorful sights to admire. 

From the graffiti in the streets...

...the paintings...

...the architecture... the gigantic penis ash trays they sell in the little souvenir shops on the streets. 

RAMADHAN IS HERE!!! (Special offers this holiday only!!!)

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WDFL Gives Back to the streets

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and has a population of 8,490,000. There are thousands of children just in this city who need help. So WDFL put together a program called "Give Back to the streets" where we go out and give out WDFL products n essentials for those who are in need. 

KarinWDFL :

One day I was on my front porch painting a picture and these little kids were outside my gate watching me... They asked me what I was doing. I said "I'm painting,  do you guys like painting?" I invited them in and gave them some paper, brushes and let them use my paint... They loved it!!! We had a lot of fun... One of the kids asked me if I could speak english. I answered yes, a lot of kids here would LOVE to learn how to speak english because they're schools don't teach them much and some aren't as fortunate to even be in a school... this little girl asked me if I would  teach them...WHY NOT?!  


These are a few pix that the kiddos drew. I taught them how to pronounce and spell words in english then they got to draw out the things they were saying. They got to have fun and learn something at the same time. It was great for them and for me, we had a good time. There are so many kids here that don't have anywhere to go, anywhere to hangout and just be a kid. These are some kids who just need some where to go, instead of going off and getting into trouble. Ya feel...?


These are just a few things that WDFL is doing to "Give Back to the streets"