Indonesi'am 26 minutes english version high quality from S├ębastien Abes on Vimeo.

WDFL Store Now Open! Come Check Out Our New Shop!!!

NOW OPEN @ Jl. Panglima Polim 1 no. 94 Jakarta Selatan!!!!

After all our hard work this is the New WDFL Store!!!

Come Check Us Out! Lots of new WDFL products and cool decks from Hello skateboards and Peppermint skateboards.


WDFL Store just moved to a new location. Here are a few pix of us fix'n up the shop.

Almost done...a few more final touches left...

Fahmi painting a

Ayi taking a break...

Getting ready to drill wholes in the walls! Muahaha!

This is in the "store" part of the new shop...the tattoo studio is the section behind.

This is a pic of the office with stuff all over the place...Once we finally got all of our things in the new place I realized how much crap we have! LMAO Damn! It was a hell organizing everything...I don't really like moving because usually in the process of moving you misplace things and lose them...WELL... during the first week there was A LOT of that going but now its all good...and our shop is now officially open and BADASS!

More painting...

This is us looking all sweaty and dirty...tired as hell, but the shop looks KICK ASS!!!

the tattoo studio all nice and tidy! : D

This chick Aya sent us a message on facebook with some cool pix of her rock'n a WDFL tee, but still very girly and cute...Chicks can rock WDFL tees TOO!...THANKS AYA!


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